The Combat Jack Show (Mr.MFN eXquire & Kidz In The Hall) 11-22-11

HUZZAH! In this pre-Thanksgiving episode, Duck Down recording artist Kidz In The Hall and upcoming Brooklynite rapper Mr. MFN eXquire stopped by The Combat Jack Show feat. Dallas Penn and talked all kinds of craziness. KITH discussed their early beginnings in the rap game, how they’re perceived among their rap peers, new reality show and album….This was the first radio interview for Mr. MFN eXquire and best believe it was a classic one, especially when he bumrushed the show. You just have to hear it. He also brung his Peel Off crew and you already know what went down. Freestyle vid, podcast stream/download, it’s all here.

The Combat Jack Show (Mr. MFN eXquire & Kidz In The Hall) 11-22-11 by PNCRadio