The Combat Jack Show (rakontur @BillyCorben & @AlfredSpellman) 5-16-12

The Combat The Combat Jack Show (rakontur @BillyCorben & @AlfredSpellman) 5-16-12

The Combat Jack Show (Danny Danko & Sean P) 3-14-12

Mushroom clouds.Danny Danko had The Combat Jack Show feat. Dallas Penn Show on stuck.Sean Price in the house. He said July. #BeardGang.

The Combat Jack Show (Young Guru) 3-7-12

“It’s The Roc” The man behind the boards of Roc-a-fella Records greatest records, Young Guru on The Combat Jak Show feat. Dallas Penn. No need for me to type too much here. Another classic one in the books. You know the drill..It never stops!

The Combat Jack Show (Tee Smith-MTV2 & Gliffics) 2-15-12

This week on The Combat Jack Show Featuring Dallas Penn we brought it back to the essence, no guests just us bringing the comedy, knowledge, and insanity that you’ve come to expect. Shouts to all the callers for calling in and making your presence known on the Internets. Of course respect to Gliffics &Tee Smith for stopping by in person and blessing the booth.


The Combat Jack Show (Sha Money XL & Ryan Grant) 2-1-12

Special Guest Sha Money XL enlightened us tonight about surviving in the rap game. From rising in the ranks of the Def Jam offices to sitting in the Executive Suite Sha Money XL shares the secrets of his success.

Green Bay Running Back Ryan Grant joins the crew for Super Bowl weekend to lead our predictions and give us some real talk about real life in the NFL. The news with Matt Raz Benhameen’s poetry slam and DJ set all sponsored by Reebok’s Basquiat project.

RIP Don Cornelius.



The Combat Jack Show (Torae, Elite & Jon Connor) 11-16-11

Interneets! Another one in the bags again. But yet and still after two weeks back on the show, Dallas Penn is suggesting that he’s taking another hiatus. WTF? I’m clueless just as you are. Besides that debacle Torae, (producer/rapper) Elite, Jon Connor stopped by the show and chopped it up about the Sandusky fiasco, Busta Rhymes YMCB signing (WTF?), the future “old money” rap crew etc, etc. You know the drill…


The Combat Jack Show (Maffew Ragazino & 40Glocc) 9-21-11

Eventful day, Eventful night. Shout outs to Maffew Ragazino (@RagazinoSr) and Cali’s finest @40Glocc who stopped by The Combat Jack Show. Salute to Maffew on the debut LP. Not much more to say. Download and/or stream below….



The Combat Jack Show (Post Dallas Penn) 8-31-11

Yeah you read the title correctly. Last week when @Dallas_Penn said he was taking a “hiatus” myself and others were wondering if the homie was just on some BS or if he was serious. Would he appear on this episode of The (almighty) Combat Jack Show? Is he ok? Is he going to switch sides to the likes of the illumin….? These were the questions that raced through our minds last night. Just click the stream/download link below to find out the status of Dallas Penn, the VMA’s recap, Carter IV and much more. #Newmanati


The Combat Jack Show (Internets Celebrities, DX21) 6-1-11

This could’ve been easily titled the “What’s Beef” edition of The Combat Jack Show. Why? Well, apparently one of these industry dudes took a few shots at Combat Jack and implicated PNC Radio in the process. No bueno hombre! But not to be overshadowed by that nonsense, the one and only Internets Celebrities were in he building to discuss a myriad of things including their early beginnings and a possible jump to the theatrical world. Also 1/4 of the ALMIGHTY Star and Buckwild Show, DX21 (Cobobo) came through to show The Combat Jack Show some love. You know what to do….


The Combat Jack Radio Show (The Archives)

Since the debut of “The Combat Jack Show featuring Dallas Penn” YOU aka thee INTERNETS have bee harrassing me for the podcasts/archive of the shows (rightfully so). Well for the time being please revert to this blog for the complete mp3 download.

Be sure to tune in Every Thursday night/Friday morning 12am - 2am EST for “The Combat Jack Show featuring Dallas Penn” on

Peep the links for the previous shows:

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The Combat Jack Show featuring Dallas Penn (Debut Show) 8-6-10 (guests @BosNaud @JusDave31st, speaks on Wyclef’s candidacy)